Steerprop is a leading designer and manufacturer of azimuth propulsion systems for the most demanding applications and toughest conditions.

Their fit-for-purpose units can be found propelling ferries, cruise vessels, tugs, offshore support vessels and icebreakers.

The thrusters can be supplied with open propellers, nozzled propellers, or contra-rotating (CRP) propellers to suit the application.

And the power range is from 800 kW up to 20 MW combined with electric motor drive or for diesel drive.

Comprehensive control systems are part of the package together with sophisticated backup facilities. To ensure safe and efficient operations, Steerprop propulsion units always include a condition monitoring system, Steerprop Care, as a fully integrated part of the delivery.

Steerprop’s tailormade solutions are a testament to their commitment to continuous development, steadfast dedication to meeting customers’ needs, and unwavering resolve to perform.